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The Boy Who Did Not Sign


Now Available! Paperback & eBook.

I spent the past 5 years working to be a writer –– To tell a story that deserves to be told –– To an audience that deserves to know what happens when someone risks everything for what one wants. I have lived a unique life with my unique set of challenges. I was a below-average student throughout my school days –– But when I got a less-than-average college to do my Engineering, I decided to make a change –– To work hard and make a good career along with a decent life for myself. But, I learned that deciding to change doesn't change things for you. I failed to get my dream job of becoming a Scientist at the Indian Space Research Organisation In May 2017 –– But got selected in the Nuclear program of the country which was equally difficult to do but not exactly what I wanted to do –– The toughest exam is one you really want to crack. I took what I got but did what I could for what I wanted for the next one Year. In the environment of Nuclear Science & Engineering where all of the fresh recruits are extremely talented but novices at the same time. Here, first I saw the outstanding career prospect and a great opportunity to fight for ISRO again –– Then I started to develop feelings for a girl –– Then I saw a second chance at college –– Soon I saw the politics to be the inherent nature of humans –– Then I saw the darkness that I could only express through the words of this book –– I saw corruption in a 60-year-old glorified system –– I saw the entire world turning against me to stop me from moving towards where I wanted to go –– I saw what it really takes to get what you really want. This is that will compel you to run towards what you want or at least ask, "What do you want?" –– It will take you back to your college days –– It will let you live the life I lived –– This is a story that will make you laugh at times, cry at times and inspire at times –– This is the story of how I turned into The Boy Who Did Not Sign.

- Ashwin Taksh

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Paperback &ebook

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