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This page consists of policies and FAQs regarding your purchase and memberships.

Please understand that we aim to provide the best quality of products and services and are committed to leaving our clients & and customers satisfied. However, this leads to a very small fraction of people taking advantage of us. We cannot afford it if we wish to maintain the level of quality we provide. We have a very professional approach and expect the same in return. Hence we need to implement the following:

Once the purchase is made, a refund is not possible.

if you have doubts or confusions, we suggest you mail first to clear your querries.

Personal Consultancy

If you do not show up within the first 10 minutes after the link is provided, we retain the right to cancel the session without a refund.

Consultancy sessions are a maximum of 60 minutes. If your doubts are cleared before that, and the session ends prior to the completion of the hour, it counts as the completion of 1 session. This is why we suggest you keep your questions ready before the session starts.

If you are not asking any questions or any new unanswered questions for 5 minutes. The session will be considered complete and the meeting will end. This is extremely rare but in our 5 years of experience, we have seen it happen. This doesn't concern you if you are cool and normal! ;)

Plan expiration

Free extension of recorded courses of any plan will not be entertained.

You must book all your consultancy sessions included in your plan within the plan period. Any unused sessions will be canceled.

Social, verbal or Physical Misconduct

During any kind of interaction in online or offline events or consultancy sessions, you are supposed to maintain a polite form of communication. Not abiding by this will lead to cancellation of your purchase without any refund. 


Pss... All the sessions are chill and friendly so as long as you're cool, you don't need to worry. This is only for some weirdos ;)

Further questions?

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