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A book on the fascinating journey of a young boy who has set his mind on his ambition to become a Rocket scientist despite his poor academic background. See how he does seemingly impossible deeds as he experiences a second college life, relationship dynamics, Professional politics, corruption, and bureaucracy at the nuclear program of the World's largest democracy. Written by Ashish Ranjan (Ex-ISRO Scientist and Ex-Scientific Officer at Department of Atomic Energy)

The Boy Who Did Not Sign (Book) - For Seminar Guests ONLY

    • Pre-Order ONLY if you are physically joining us for one of the Aug '23 seminars. (Know about Getting tickets to our seminars here.
    • Order now and collect your Author Signed Copy on the day of the Seminar! You will be asked for your address for delivery in the next step before you can make the payment and finalize your purchase. We ask this just in case. If you attend any of our seminars, we will hand over the product then and there!
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