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Sustainable Youtube Career

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How many times have you already thought about starting a YouTube channel and stopped because you did not know where to start, what to do, or what equipment to get? How many times did you stop because you did not think that you are good enough or it's too late? Lost count? Relatable? I know this because I have been there and have helped hundreds to start successful YouTube channels who have been there. Here in this course, we will talk about everything that you need to know in a sequential manner from scratch to get your Youtube Channel on its feet. Don't just start a Youtube Channel, but have a long-term vision for sustained INCOME & BRAND. Here you'll be taught how I had a sustainable Youtube career for over 6 years and how I always generated 4-5 times more income than what I was able to with the most well-paying jobs. It's a complete guide that covers: How to create your first video, how to get more views, how to get sponsorships, how to sell your products, and how to create your own brand. We offer two Plans: 1.) SYC Basic: Get access to high-quality, well-developed, and well-structured recorded lessons. Watch it at your own pace and watch them as many times as you want. Get the method, secret techniques, and tricks to enhance your speaking. 2.) Social Media Bundle: Get everything you'd get in SYC Basic, All access to Podcast 101, and Personalized guidance. Get feedback and progress tracking directly from me. Shoot a mail at for any questions.

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